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Displaced and Vulnerable Children


Aimed at rebuilding community structures and schools while providing a positive impact on the area and contributing to overcoming the social challenges of the region. 

Help community members achieve the quality and standards currently demanded by the labor market, the formal school system, and the universities.


Guatemala - Areas recovering from armed conflict

-Students come from rural and marginalized areas where poverty is very high.

  • 74.7% live in poverty

  • 41.8 in extreme poverty

  • 47.3% are under the age of 18

  • 7.68% of the population is illiterate

  • All students are sponsored by ITECK/Marist Brothers

-Monthly fee paid by students is less than the monthly cost of the school

-Possibility of accommodations and meals for young people from far

-The Government requires them to have proper equipment, which they have, but they don’t have adequate physical space.  This leaves them unable to achieve the quality and standards currently demanded by the labor market which are essential to accessing university studies.  The Institutes educational facilities need to be enlarged with 5 new classrooms and laboratories. 


Congo – Education for Refugees and Vulnerable Children

-Offered emergency project in camps (food, clothing, cooking tools) and educational activities.  Rehabilitation Program helps families resettle in their hometowns and help get back to farming and profitable activities.

  • 84.7% poverty rate

  • 50% under age of 15

-Plan to create a permanent education program for child dropouts and those living in special conditions to guarantee them an education and reinsert them into the formal school system




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