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El Paso - Juarez Community

On this Feast of Annunciation, 2018, Provincial leaders from both the Mexico Occidentale Province and the USA Province met with Brothers Eduardo Navarro and Todd Patenaude and set a direction to open a Marist Brothers’ community and ministry to migrants along our borders in the spirit of Marist Life and Mission.


Brothers Eduardo and Todd have been researching a new foundation for the past six months and now will begin greater planning for a  Marist Brothers’ presence in the area of El Paso, USA and Ciudad Juarez, Mexico.   Along with connection to our Marist community and schools in Ciudad Juarez, we would seek to collaborate with the local Diocese, the Jesuits, Annunciation House, HOPE Border Institute, and other  efforts for a preferential option for care for migrants.

Possible ministries would include:
-Coordinating temporary housing and providing basic needs  for immigrants.
-Providing housing for students who desire to go to school in the USA.
-Developing information and advocacy materials and presentations for immigrant awareness.
-Connecting to legal advocacy.
-Creating a project for rescuing 'circuit boys’, children who are tapped for trafficking gangs.
Let's continue to keep Eduardo and Todd and this new Marist Brother presence in our prayers and support.