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As a new part of our Outdoor Adventure Retreat program, students from Mount Saint Michael Academy took part in a “Zombie Retreat” from April 13th to April 15th.



Outdoor Adventure Retreats are based around metaphorical, experiential learning. The premise of this retreat is that we all, at times, act like zombies – by disengaging from God and community, being selfish, using people, or not really LIVING the life we were meant to live. But we can battle those zombie tendencies with the "sword of the Spirit" and the Armor of God. Scripture is our weapon against the evil zombie tendencies we all experience.


The metaphor for that ‘weapon’ was the slingshots students built themselves. They then went to the firing range to learn how to put those weapons to use (a metaphor for Bible study).



There were really bad zombies lurking in the forest of Esopus. Using a map and orienteering skills, students hunted the "Boneys" and shot them with slingshots. Upon returning to camp the students traded in the captured "boneys" for puzzle pieces which they then assembled to show a vibrant Christian Living Alive. The song "I want to live alive" by Casting Crowns was our theme song. 


That evening we practiced with our "weapons" more through a bible study on David and Goliath.



We cooked our own meals as a community and reflected a lot on how we are trying to work with God to defeat the Goliaths in our own lives. 


Ms. Nina Lokar and I are very excited to offer this retreat again. We have discussed improvements and additions, and hope to offer it to all the schools around the Province. 





Written by:

Ed Kennedy

Director of the Outdoor Adventure Retreat Program