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LaValla Weekend and Marist Day of Service Reflections



Over the course of my four years at SJR, I've realized the value of service through a number of powerful experiences. This past week was arguably the most eye-opening of them all. 

Being involved with the Marist community the door has been opened to many exciting opportunities to do good and affect others. During the LaValla weekend I realized the scale of what's possible. As a consumer of the news, one can't help but feel powerless and irrelevant. Everyday we all see large scale destruction, poverty, and suffering and think we can't make a difference. This is a misconception for anyone, especially for us at SJR. 

In many ways, we do not realize our potential to change the world. Being a Green Knight, we are inherently related with a Marist organization that has developing communities combating some of the most severe humanitarian crises worldwide. On the Marist Day of Service, thousands of dollars were donated to help support displaced refugees, underserved children, and struggling families in some of the most impoverished countries around the world. As students at SJR, we are responsible for just a small percentage of the difference that will be felt internationally as a result of this week's events. Still, our work is integral to the event as a whole. In order to create a change, we must all do our parts. Together, we were successful in being the change we want to see in the world. 

Let us pray that we can carry the spirit of service and selflessness found this week into the rest of our lives. Hopefully, this week is the beginning of something that lasts much longer than only a day of service. 

-Colin Medwick,

Saint Joseph Regional High School

Montvale, New Jersey