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Keynote Presentation #1 - Madeline Larose 


"Be the person who brings the jug to help them cleanse themselves. Be the person who carries the lantern."



In an energetic first keynote presentation of the weekend, Madeline Larose spoke to students about the different ways she reinforces the culture of faith within her own life. She compared Marcellin's 4 Ms - Mary, Marcellin, Marist, and Mission - to Madeline's 4 Ms - Mary, Mission, Momma, and Mawmaw. In asking students to awaken the Holy Fire within themselves, she announced that the word FIRE is used in the bible 549 times. She then quotes Luke 12:49, which states "I have come to light a fire on the earth. How I wish the blaze were ignited!" Referencing the lantern, Madeline spoke of the light Marcellin Champagnat brings to our lives and implored us to be that light for others.



Madeline then shared quotes from two books. First, Br. Sean Sammon's "A Heart That Knew No Bounds" -- "The young priest also had an uncanny knack of being able to deliver correcion in a way that others found acceptable...Simply put, Marcellin spoke the language of the people he was called to serve, thus, he was able to speak to their hearts" (page 29). 

The next quote was pulled from Matthew Kelly's "Resisting Happiness" -- "The best friends in the world encourage us to become the best version of ourselves and by doing so they help us get to heaven" (page 150). 


After the presentation was over, Madeline said that the jist she hopes all of the students walked away with from her presentation was "if they stick to this, and stay with this ‘Marist’ thing, they can truly see the world. It doesn’t matter where they go or end up, but they can see the world.  Sometimes quite literally, travelling the world. And sometimes, even if they never leave home, they are still able to ‘see’ the world more clearly.”