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The logo chosen was designed by Andrés Gil, a Spaniard of the province of Ibérica.


The principal idea of the logo is to celebrate 200 years. Therefore, the number 200 is a principal element. This number in its turn is composed of 3 elements, which indicate that 2017 is not simply an historical remembrance, but A NEW BEGINNING: 


  • The number two, outlined in blue, recalls the horizon, the future, a new beginning... Here we can also see the letter "L", which La Valla, L'Hermitage, the cradle of the Institute.


  • Two letters "M", one a mirror image of the other, form the two zeros of the number 200. They refer, in the first place, to our being Marists, but also are a reminder of the historic personages of our journey: Montagne, Mary, Marcellin… In addition, they recall the call to mission, to mysticism. The two "m"s superimposed also symbolize the past and the future, the exterior and the interior. 


  • The outline of the number “2” terminates in 3 elements which are the 3 petals of a violet. They are situated at the end, with a projection in front like a signature. The violet is frequently presented as a symbol of simplicity, an important element of Marist spirituality…


  • The principal color is blue (Mary), contrasted with purple and orange. 


  • The typography is classic, which facilitates the delivery of the phrasing in the different languages where the Marist charism is alive.