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“All the people and events of our life offer an opportunity to encounter our merciful God.”

 (Water from the Rock)


The “Sharing” season is just around the corner, with Sharing Our Call, Sharing Our Mission, and Embracing Our Call all coming up in the next few months.   Those who have attended these events have come away with a renewed sense of purpose, with a sense of the bigger picture of Marist life and charism and with a feeling of being nourished and affirmed in their work.  In addition, it is a chance to spend time in Esopus – a place where so many feel at home and come away refreshed and renewed by the beauty of the place – no matter what time of year!

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Recognizing that it is indeed difficult to get away for a few days and acknowledging, too, that it is well worth it, the Office of Life and Mission encourages you to check out the program that may be right for you at this time.

Those who have already attended both Sharing Our Call programs might consider Embracing our Call, which was a huge hit last year, in spite of being cut short by a snow storm!  Those who have been to one of the programs or those in administration, YOU are encouraged to encourage others to come.  This is an important time for lay people and brothers to come together in formation experiences.  With our upcoming initial Lay Assembly, July 2018, we would like to see more and more people either begin or continue their exploration of what it means to be Marist, in this day and this time.

Marist Brothers – You are also welcome to these programs.  It is mutually beneficial for lay to hear your voices and for you to hear theirs.  Even if you did one of the programs many years ago, you might want to consider an update.

Please see the office of Life and Mission program booklet for more information or contact Maureen Hagan, mhagan8486@gmail.com.

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Sharing Our Call 2: February 25-27, for those who have already attended SOC 1 and want to continue their formation re: the Marist charism.

“Some 15 years later, I found the program informative and encouraging.  Meeting people from around the province is such a great bonus.”  (Br. Ken Hogan, Novitiate Community)

“Following the example of Jesus, Mary and Marcellin, we meet and walk together, sharing and helping each other to grow in faith and the mission.” (Gathered Around the Same Table)



Embracing Our Call:  April 8-10, a retreat experience to which all are invited. Explore the “holy longing”, while learning  spiritual practices to help deepen your faith life.

“It was a very thoughtfully produced program...provided the next logical step in exploring Marist identity as well as nurturing our personal spiritual walk.” (EOC participant)

“I really enjoyed the program and felt it brought people rather quickly into a meaningful retreat space.” (EOC participant)

“The story of our spirituality is indeed a simple one.  It is the story of women and men who find a thirst that only God can quench.”  (Water from the Rock)


Sharing Our Call 1: April 25-27, the introductory level program, explore the idea of what it means to be Marist, both inside and outside of school.

 “Participating in this Sharing Our Call has given me a renewed purpose in my role in our financial office, as well as in my vocation as a wife and mother.  There are very few jobs which offer such graces and I feel blessed to be a part of the Marist community.  I looks forward to attending Sharing Our Call 2 in the future.”  (Mary Stenson, Molloy)

"To some of us, God has touched us and given us a Marist heart.  We cannot live any other way.  We are MARIST!”  (Gathered Around the Same Table).



Sharing Our Mission: April 28-May 1, for Campus Ministers, liaisons and Religion Department personnel, beginning with a day of retreat, followed by workshop/work sessions to plan for 2018-2019 school year.

“I still believe firmly that God wants this work, in this age, when unbelief is making such frightful progress.”  (St. Marcellin Champagnat)