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Marist Young Adults Celebrate Easter in Colombia


Matt Fallon, along with Marist Young Adults Michael Bourie and Jenny Grant, spent Holy Week in early 2017 with Marists from Colombia and throughout Latin America for Pascua Remar in Ibague, Colombia. 




Young Adult Reflections: 


Two weeks ago, I was lucky enough to travel all the way to Colombia with Matt and Mike to celebrate two things with our Marist family: Easter and 40 years of Marist Youth!

Throughout the week, we explored two cities, listened to many people speak on various topics, sang songs, and always ended the day with mass! I really loved celebrating mass during Holy Week and I think mass on Holy Thursday was my favorite. During mass, we were able to wash each other’s feet! Although initially I was very hesitant to participate, I did, and it ended up being a very eye-opening and humbling experience because I remembered the religious meaning behind it.

Additionally, we met so many wonderful people from Marist schools all over South America. Although there was a slight language barrier, we were still able to get to know many of them very well and establish connections that will last a lifetime. It still amazes me that Marist people from all over the world can come together and just instantly click because we all share similar beliefs and try to live our lives in similar ways!



Marist has given me so much in the last few years, and I am so grateful for every experience and for all of the people I’ve met along the way. This trip was so special for me and it was one I will never forget! 

-Jennifer Grant, Marist High School Chicago Alumni




I strongly believe in the power of universal languages that transcend borders and barriers. During our recent trip to Ibague, Colombia, we participated in the 40th anniversary celebration of Remar. I experienced first-hand Marist as a universal language. It serves as our connection to a global community that holds the same core beliefs and values. This is what makes being Marist so special. The passion for a better tomorrow, belief in our world, and compassion for each other are the same whether spoken in spanish, english, or portugese.

Being a witness to 400 young people from Colombia and 25 others from countries across Central and South America all speak with the same desire to make life better for the people around us was awe-inspiring. We all come from different backgrounds, face different barriers and challenges, and speak different languages. Despite this, the Marist Spirit present in each of us is the common thread that connects us all.

Whether our spirit is expressed through song and dance, conversation, or action...we are all one.

-Mike Bourie, Central Catholic High School Alumni