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The United States Province has completed its small group discussions on the Lay Marist Vocation for the upcoming international forum. Groups met in NJ, NY, Chicago, Miami, and Brownsville. People who were not close enough to those locations met virtually on Zoom. Each group reported great satisfaction with the process and the resulting conversations. Meetings included time for prayer, discernment, sharing, and some activities to keep things moving.



Many of the folks involved have been living the Marist charism for a long time, but many were new to the concept and added their perspectives as well. In each region and on zoom, there were several Brothers present to add to the diversity of viewpoints.

All of the US groups met on Zoom for the last session and closing prayer on March 22.  

We are grateful to those who hosted the meetings, including the Brothers’ communities in Roselle, NJ, Queens, NY, and Miami, FL. People took on the leadership roles to conduct the meetings in spite of very busy schedules. Thanks go out to Madeline Picou (virtual group), Suzi Mohr and Lindsay Irwin in Texas, Miriam Eisenmenger in New York, Jane Ann Carvalho and Ed Kennedy in New Jersey, Vince Andiorio and Erin Kelly in Chicago, and Pete Marti and Cristina Cruz in Miami. Also, a special thanks to Ellen Salmi VanCleef for putting together the resources needed in each location and helping to coordinate the whole process.

Ellen and Maureen Hagan will be consolidating all of the notes and writing a report from the Province of the USA to be submitted to the committee in Rome.

On a side note, these groups will continue their work together, as they plan and carry out a local service project. Stay tuned!