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On March 29th, 2017 the Marist Brothers Unites States Province will be holding a National Day of Service. On this day, all students in Marist schools around the country will be participating in local service work and volunteering their time and efforts to help those in need. At the end of the #MaristDayOfService, students will be voting to decide how the $200,000 raised for this event will be allocated amongst three different Marist International Projects. These three projects include:



1. Refugee and Migrant Children

Marist Missions in Lebanon, Aleppo, and South Africa focus their efforts on providing stability to children by supplying basic necessities, education, and a family environment including recreational, sporting and artistic activities. They also aim to improve access to education for children in communities where most miss two or more years of education and face language issues.  By providing refugee teachers access to fair employment, they hope to increase children's sense of stability in their education.





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2. Displaced and Vulnerable Children

The Marist Missions located in Guatemala and Congo are aimed at rebuilding community structures and schools while providing a positive impact on the area and contributing to overcoming the social challenges of the region. They are helping community members achieve the quality and standards currently demanded by the labor market, the formal school system, and the universities in the area.



Read more about Marist Missions helping Displaced and Vulnerable Children in Guatemala and Congo here.






3. Unreached and Underserved Poor Children

Marist Missions in Bangladesh, Haiti, and the Dominican Republic are helping a population of children who have never been to school or are currently not in school, and trying to increase the retention rate of those at risk of dropping out. They aim to ensure education through an integrated program that includes primary school courses, food support, and building a secondary school with student hostels. They also are working to open a center for academic and pedagogical support for primary schools by training local teachers.



Read more about Marist Missions helping Unreached and Underserved Poor Children in Bangladesh, Haiti, and the Dominican Republic here.