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Marist Reflections for an Advent Journey with Mary, Our Good Mother


Marcellin Champagnat gave us the name of Mary to encourage us to live in “the way of Mary” because he wanted us to live according to her spirit. He called her “our Ordinary Resource” & urged the early brothers to regularly confide in her as they journeyed through life.

Relationships take time & to get to know a person better we must spend time with them. In doing so, we discover new aspects of a person & we learn to appreciate qualities in the person that were previously unknown. We also discover aspects of the person that attract us, aspects we might imitate.

The many titles given to Mary reveal her many traits. As Mother of us all, Mary transcends culture & position & embraces all of humanity.

Her formal titles derive from teachings & beliefs of the Church.

During the Advent season, we have invited Marists, young & old, across the United States to share an aspect of Mary that has touched their lives, so that all of us may better appreciate all she means to us & together we might grow in relationship with her.

Mary was known to the early brothers as “Our Good Mother”, a title that we Marists of Champagnat still use two hundred years later. A Mother nurtures, guides & protects. We marvel at the depth & breadth of the love she has for all of us, her children.

It is our hope that using these daily reflections will lead you to discover new facets of Mary. May she journey with you during this Advent season...for she will surely lead you to her Son, Jesus.

Maranatha. Come Lord, Jesus.