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This event has been chosen as the cornerstone experience for our young people in the USA Province as a memorable way for them to engage in the Marist Brothers Bi-centennial celebration for two reasons: First, by offering this as the most important event for them it clearly teaches them that our mission as Marists is centered on “Love of Service” and in particular to the least favored. We are showing them that this value of service is so important to us as Marists that it is worthy of an entire school day. Second, we are trusting and empowering our young people to be the ones who will determine how our Province responds through this event in significantly impacting the lives of the most needy. Our young people will vote to determine how $200,000 is dispersed to various International Marist Projects. This aspect of the day allows each of our young people to clearly realize that not only will they be helping people in need on a local level, but they are capable of bringing about significant change in the wider Marist world.




Follow #MaristDayOfService on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, or follow this link to see what projects our schools will be working on!




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Learn more about the International Marist Projects that will benefit from the National Day of Service:

  1. Displaced and Vulnerable Children

  2. Unreached and Underserved Poor Children

  3. Refugee and Migrant Children