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Roselle Catholic High School in Roselle, New Jersey will be continuing work with and building relationships with a few very important organizations in the Roselle area on March 29th. A group of students will be sent to the Hillside Community Foodbank, which serves eight counties in New Jersey and helps get millions of groceries and meals to people who need them. Some students will also will be working with the Elizabeth Coalition to House the Homeless, which Roselle works with regularly as part of an after-school tutoring program. For the National Day of Service students will also be working on some of the homes that the coalition provides, in addition to completing maintenance work and repairs on some of their other facilities.



Many of Roselle Catholic's students will be working with local grammar schools (such as St. Joseph the Carpenter in Roselle, NJ) with their younger students and on various projects the school might need. Finally, alumni and parents will be overseeing skilled labor projects around RC to help the students learn to contribute to the betterment of their own community. All of RCHS's students and faculty will be involved on the 29th of March, and are very excited!