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Marist Documents


Gathered Around The Same Table: The Vocation of Champagnat’s Marist Laity

This text will help in appreciating more fully the important role that Marist laity play today in the life of the Institute and Church and the responsibility they share with brothers for living the charism and furthering the ministry that came into our Church through Saint Marcellin Champagnat. Its content is also based on the everyday lived experience of Marist laymen and women from throughout the world.


A Heart That Knew No Bounds: St. Marcellin Champagnat; The Life and Mission

Who was Saint Marcellin Champagnat? We know that he was a priest of the Society of Mary, and the founder of its Little Brothers of Mary, recognized worldwide today as the Institute of the Marist Brothers. Yes, he was all of those things, but he was also so much more. This book sets out to uncover the message that his life and mission hold for us today.


Water From The Rock: Marist Spirituality

This is a groundbreaking document on Marist Spirituality from the tradition of St. Marcellin Champagnat.