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Spirit of the Rio Grande Valley

The Humanitarian centre in McAllen, is located at the southern tip of Texas in the Rio Grande Valley bordering Mexico, a Catholic charity, full of the spirit of the people of the Valley. Much of this can be attributed to its director, Sister Norma, also referred to by locals from both sides of the border as the “living Saint of the Valley”. She is a saintly woman indeed. A lot of the work she...
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Always With Us

In the past 2 weeks, the work at the Sacred Heart Respite Center has certainly been a stretch for me. Normally I would be hesistant to ask people how their journeys to the US have been, or why they have decided to come here. At this point, it has become part of my normal interaction with the refugees who arrive daily. My "aha moment" came when three young men told a few of us their stories...
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A Stop In McAllen

Last year I learned that part of the experience in postulancy would be an extended ministry experience outside of New York. This excited me, as I enjoy traveling and spending time in new places. When I heard that the experience would be in McAllen, Texas, I was even more excited!   The Christmas season didn't make me forget that this experience was on the horizon, but it...
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