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The Encuentro Project has been highlighted as one of 20 organizations around the world that are doing the kind of work with migrants that Pope Francis is calling upon the faithful to do!



Initiative: The Encuentro Project
Actors: Jesuits El Paso; Marist Brothers; the Hope Border Institute Location: El Paso, Texas
Further info: The Encuentro Project



Description: The Encuentro Project, which opened its doors in December 2018, offers programming and lodging for border immersion experiences for groups from high schools, universities, and parishes. The project aims to help participants to gain greater understanding of the complex history and current realities of migration in the border community and to challenge the borders within their own communities that marginalise immigrants and refugees. Each experience typically includes: direct work or encounter experience with asylum seekers, migrants, or refugees; education in Catholic Social Teaching on migration; analysis of the push-pull factors causing migration from Central America and Mexico into the US; opportunities for deepening understanding of border/migrant realities; and evening reflection and prayer. The Encuentro Project hopes to give many more people the opportunity to have the kind of encounters with migrants that will move them from indifference and inaction to genuine compassion and understanding.


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