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Reflection from Br. Peter Guadalupe


Marist Community of Welcome. This is a reflection from Brother Peter Guadalupe. Peter was one of the founding members of the community. Since he left for his new assignment in Miami we've missed his presence and attentiveness to details in our home.


Hi to the Marist World from Miami. My name is Bro. Peter Guadalupe for those who don't know me. I had the privilege of living in the Community of Welcome in Austin, Texas, this past year. Bro. Rob Clark and I lived with five extraordinary young men. These few lines are a reflection on my experience of the past year in the Community of Welcome. 

As I look back on my experience, a song from the play Wicked comes to mind. The song title is For Good, and it starts off saying:

"I've heard it said 

That people come into our lives.

For a reason 

Bring something we must learn..." 

Being the group's grandpa, I thought I had much to impart to the young men I was about to live with, but to my surprise, the opposite was true. I became the learner, and they, my teachers. 

Although I learned many things from my companions this past year, from different barbequing methods to sitting through sporting events and understanding what I was watching, the most important takeaway was how these men and their friends lived their faith. Their faith was manifested by their volunteering to teach CCD, live streaming Masses during the pandemic, time put in for personal prayer, and genuine concern for each person in the house and their friends.

I do believe that God brought us together for a reason, and the reason was to give me hope that the Church and the world are in good hands.

I never thought that these young men would become such an important part of my life in such a short time. But they did, and I will carry them in my heart always because they have changed my life for good.