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Encountering Christ Retreat 2017


As a student from Saint Joseph Academy, I always considered myself a person that was involved in my community, had a nice relationship with God, and was an overall good person. After I attended Encounter 39, I realized there was room for improvement. After hearing the talks from seniors and teachers, as well as our small group discussions, I started to think more about who I am and how I treat others. I could become a little closer to God, a little closer to my classmates, and a little closer to my family. I had always had a close group of friends that were my support group. I went to them with my good and bad news. I was cordial to my classmates, always respected them, but never considered them anything more than classmates. Encounter 39 allowed me to connect with people I hadn’t previously talked to or gotten to know. I learned that other people have insecurities, doubts, and issues just like I do. I realized that I was not alone. 

Not only did Encounter 39 allow me to learn about other people, grow closer to my classmates I can now call friends, and re-evaluate myself and my decisions, but it taught me that I am not alone and I am able to turn to my classmates in times of need. As a whole, I can fully state that the group of students that attended Encounter 39 came back closer with each other, with God, and with their families. I am extremely thankful that I could experience the Encounter and would highly encourage future students to attend. Thank you to everyone that helped make the encounter happen, it truly was a life changing retreat.        --Camryn Gloor, SJA Student