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February 2023
Please enjoy this newsletter and share it with anybody you think would like to learn more about exciting developments throughout our Marist world!


The 19th Ordinary General Assembly of the Marist Union of Brazil included 21 representatives from all three Marist Provinces in the country. During the event, Bro. Deivis Fischer took office as the new president of the body's superior council.

Some Marist News from February
  • February 5: The Marcellin Trust's Operation Rainbow Project collaborated with Bishop Heber College in Tamil Nadu, India to offer a workshop on how dietary habits can boost immunity. About 120 members of the surrounding community participated in the event.
  • February 5-8:  Administrators, campus ministers, and chairs of religion departments from Marist schools throughout the USA gathered to discuss the results of a recent survey related to the spiritual lives of their students. Each school is in the process of determining how to use their particular data to better serve their students.
  • February 7:  In response to the major earthquake that struck Syria and Turkey on the night of February 5-6, the Marist Foundation for International Solidarity (FMSI) launched a fundraising appeal to support the crisis response efforts of the Blue Marists in Aleppo.
  • February 14-15: The 19th Ordinary General Assembly of the Marist Union of Brazil met in Brasilia with 21 representatives from all three Marist Provinces of Brazil. The theme for the gathering was 'Caring for and Generating Marist Life.'  
  • February 15: Marists throughout the world commemorated the 200th anniversary of the Memorare in the Snow. Cason Schindler of the Marist House of Welcome in Texas wrote a song, Remember, imagining the event from the perspective of the farmer who rescued Fr. Champagnat and Bro. Stanislaus. Both the lyrics and a recording are available. 


A Moment in Marist History: 

Bro. Basilio Rueda Guzmán (1924-1996)

Bro. Basilio Rueda, the 9th superior general of the Marist Brothers, holds a unique place in the hearts of Marist Brothers, particularly in his homeland of México. His generalate lasted from 1967 to 1985, a critical time in the history of our Institute and the Catholic Church as a whole. In a tumultuous era that presented a crisis for many, Basilio embodied the spirit of Vatican II and facilitated a genuine renewal of Marist life. The vitality and authenticity of the Marist Institute today owes much to the vision and human qualities of this gifted man.

Born in 1924 outside of Guadalajara, Basilio lost his mother at the age of four and entered training with the Marist Brothers in 1942 when he was only 18, as was common in those days. He professed his final vows in the beginning of 1950 and was known for his apostolic activity that extended beyond Marist institutions—in addition to his catechetical activities, Basilio played an active role in the Cursillo movement and put his higher studies to work by teaching philosophy to local student Jesuits. Without sidelining his Marist identity, Basilio spent the Vatican II years actively presenting the ideals of the age to varied audiences of laborers, politicians, priests, bishops, and consecrated religious via lectures and retreats throughout Ecuador and neighboring countries. He thus gained experience in navigating different political, cultural, and ecclesial perspectives. His status as a religious brother did not prevent him from exercising leadership over teams of priests in various initiatives.

In 1965, Basilio was asked to serve as director of the Marist second novitiate program in Spain, a renewal program for brothers with at least ten years of temporary vows. The reforms and modernizations he introduced to the program reflected both his diverse experiences in the Americas as well as the calls of Vatican II. His prophetic instincts and gentle humanity aroused the enthusiasm of program participants leading to his election as a delegate to the 1967 General Chapter where he was named superior general despite the fact that he had never served as a provincial superior nor in general administration.

In order to breathe the spirit of renewal throughout the Marist Institute, Basilio left much of the administrative tasks of leadership to his vicar, Bro. Quentin Duffy. This freed Basilio to travel constantly throughout the Marist world, visiting the communities, speaking directly with the brothers, and even directing retreats in many provinces. He wrote prodigiously. Basilio's intimacy with God and dedication to authentic brotherhood won him high regard well beyond the boundaries of the Marist Institute. In 1976, Basilio suffered the martyrdom of being elected to a second nine-year term as superior general, during which he continued to spend himself with complete generosity.

Finally, in 1985 another general chapter was held and Basilio was released from the weight of his leadership responsibilities. After a sabbatical year, he was named novice master and also entrusted with responsibility for launching the Champagnat Movement of the Marist Family, a structure that would over time support Lay Marists in claiming and expressing the Marist charism according to their own gifts and realities. Basilio's reputation as a Marist formator was so great that in addition to accompanying novices, he was entrusted with training Marist novice masters throughout the world. His approach combined deep spirituality with genuine human warmth and simplicity. He continued to serve as novice master until his death in 1996.

Basilio's legacy lives on today in the Marist commitment to including sound psychological principles in religious formation and in our dedication to authentically incarnating the Gospel in light of the realities that surround us. His fraternal example is a testament to human goodness and the power of the Christian message.